It is our belief at Redeeming Soles that no child should ever be prevented from participating in day to day activities due to a lack of proper footwear. However, it happens all the time. No Kids Left on the Sidelines is a program designed to help provide a firm foundation for at risk youth to stand on by providing shoes and athletic gear to any child in need.

This program is meant to be systematic, and integrated with schools, helping teachers, school staff and coaches identify and fulfill basic needs for their students. (similar to the student lunch program). It is our hope that ANY child who qualifies for any kind of state assistance, will then qualify for proper footwear so that they can walk with purpose and participate in any extracurricular activities they desire.

After school programs are a vital piece of a child’s life these days, it is a place where they can be loved and led well, as well as providing a healthy outlet for whatever they are dealing with outside of school grounds. Redeeming Soles will be rolling out our initial school district model this summer (2017).