So you’re ready for the Impact Challenge

smicons-960x840Here is a helpful guide for your successful Impact Challenge

Accepting that you have been challenged is the first step. Once you’ve done this, you’ll want to choose the pair of shoes you wish to donate.

Donate shoes, heighten awareness, and raise funds to help Redeeming Soles provide footwear, $1=1 Pair of shoes, and opportunity for men, women & children in need.

Take picture of shoes or feet to show your IMPACT.

Post to Social Media outlets by sharing the impact/story and Hash tag: #ShoesMatter #ImpactChallenge

Redeeming Soles Impact Challenge

Nominate 3 other friends/companies/coworkers etc

Donate Today!
$1=1 Pair of Shoes, $20=20 Pair of Shoes, $100=100 Pair of Shoes